Unforgettable Patagonia


A trip like this must be mentioned. For Christmas, Benj gave me a trip to Patagonia, an area of the world I’ve dreamt of visiting since I was 15. The dream was heightened after watching this amazing documentary 180 degrees South. We explored purely the Chilean side of Patagonia, and it was unreal – from hiking through rain forests in the North where we drank from the rivers, to sliding on glaciers in the South where we slept in domes. The stories are endless.


A top highlight of the trip was visiting Douglas Tomkins’, founder of The North Face, Chilean national park – Parque Pumalin. This was perhaps the most beautiful park I’ve ever seen, exceptionally cared for and preaching a beautiful message – Deep Ecology, a foundation of Mr. Tomkins’ as well. We slept in beautifully designed cabanas on the water with hiking trails out our back door. Next to the fire, we ate amazing homemade meals from the local farms by our two gorgeous hosts in the main cafe, Andres & Ingrid.


We then flew down south to the famous Torres del Paine National Park. Since the park was closing the following week for winter, we decided to hire a guide and tour through. We slept in domes at EcoCamp, perhaps the most amazing camp you’ll ever visit – from all organic delicious food to the most hospitable hosts. We hiked about 20K per day for 5 days through breathtaking terrain, filling our bottles with real glacier water by day & local Chilean wines by night. What an adventure, I cannot wait to return.

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