The Fat Radish – Front Redesign

This winter, Phil from The Fat Radish hired me to redesign the front of his restaurant. The front was originally a coffee and juice bar, but he wanted to fill it with people at lunch and dinner. Seeing that The Fat Radish is English-themed with a bit of adventure, I took inspiration from the classic English dresser with a mix of an explorer’s den, shown by the props in the cabinets – old tools, a vintage camera, antique trophies & headphones, paintbrushes & bottles of whiskey. I also created a drinks rail & large world map to finish the set.

We built a chef-height table for 6 out of oak & pickled it. Then painted the simple stools a chalky grey paint. I chose chalky/milky paints for the dresser & drinks rail as well, continuing with that country English feel.



I’ve really enjoyed making these leather handles and loops for various jobs. They are very easy to create and get better looking the more they’re used. Also inexpensive – get leather scraps from your local fabric shop and make cuts with a simple blade & straight edge. Secure with brass screws or roofing nails.


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2 Responses to The Fat Radish – Front Redesign

  1. Georgie says:

    Hi Kate,

    I am an interior design student and I adore the wall mounted seats at the eating counter. I would like to use something similar in a room I am designing for my final project. Where are they from ? What are the dimensions? I would so appreciate your help.

    • Hi Georgie, thanks for the comment. These were not purchases, but fabricated with a ‘screw & bolt’ idea by a local metal worker. Hope this helps… good luck with your final project! -Kate

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