an English New Years

Three days before the new year, Ben & I decided to fly to England to visit his granny, Polly. Nothing better than a spontaneous trip, especially to the English countryside, a place I’ve always wanted to see. I lived a summer in London taking classes at Central St. Martins 3 years ago, but never ventured out of the city.

7am we landed at Heathrow, 7:30am we were in a very small car driving west. On the way, we stopped for a map, a proper English breakfast & fruit cake at Polly Tea Rooms, and the now-roped-off Stonehenge (shame… but still cool). Three hours later, we pulled up to Polly’s beautiful farm in Somerset, Urchinwood Manor – complete with horses, geese, sheep, 4 sprightly dogs, Ben’s uncle Pete racing on his tractor and his aunt, Sally Hall, a world class endurance rider and hell of a cook.

We had four amazing days of walks in wellies, pints at the local pub (from 16th century!), champagne cocktails, counting sheep, lots of tea, butter, cheese & ham and fireworks at midnight!                                    2012 is going to be a great year, I know it.



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