work & ski in Aspen

Since February, I’ve been working on our house out in Aspen (see previous post). The little house was a total junker however it had a beautiful Victorian exterior we wanted to preserve, so we gutted the inside and started from scratch. As these things always take longer than expected, our goal became Thanksgiving for move-in. I flew out a week early and decorated the entire house preparing for everyone. Here are a few shots from the week of work… some really great furniture shops down valley from Aspen, like The Farmhouse in Glenwood Springs. I found some great wool blankets from my new favorite shop Toast in the UK. Working out in the mountains is pretty unbelievable – morning hikes & lunchtime ski breaks… I’m afraid I’m hooked.


Still lots to be done, but here are a few snaps I took before I flew back yesterday.

And of course, a few shots from the mountain. From tequila lunches on the slope by a bonfire to sipping hot chocolate at the World Cup giant slalom… We do have fun. It’s going to be a great season. I cannot wait.

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