Turquoise Barn

This past weekend, I went upstate for my birthday to a little place called Turquoise Barn in teeny Bloomville, NY. The bed & breakfast is owned by a lovely couple Michelle & Mike, who have had the land since 1999. The farmhouse has very cute rustic rooms and a great kitchen, where you can find Michelle creating amazing vegetarian dishes; she opened my eyes to raw/whole foods. Similarly, Mike is a very talented woodworker. He’s made most of the furniture in the house and built-up the cafe & gallery in the beautiful turquoise painted barn on the farm. In the barn, he sells his artwork and Michelle sells vintage clothing, records, all natural paints, homemade honey & apple cider from their orchard. Bloomville is rather small, but there are surrounding towns with a bit more going on. Sandwiches & hiking in Hamden. Antiquing in Delhi & Bovina. And Andes for a Saturday night at The Andes Hotel – a great dive bar with good food and live tunes! There was a Tom Petty cover band when we were there… I was very sad to drive home back to the big city on Sunday.

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